The Future of the online travel industry

Viahhey is a travel content aggregator, social media platform and booking engine.

Save your travel inspiration from across the web and book on one page.

Follow your friends, favorite travel publications and influencers and book their travels.

Create and share bookable social media posts with your friends and get paid.

Save Inspiration + Book

Social media posts, travel articles, blogs and more. Viahhey saves your travel inspiration, breaks down the essential information and allows you to book on the same page, making travel content bookable. Not ready to book yet? Save it for future trips.

Discover, Follow, Book

Follow your friends, favorite travel influencers, travel sites and publications to see where they’re traveling and what they recommend. Save the things you like or book on the spot.


Create + Get paid

Now that travel content is bookable, sharing your travel experiences with your friends and followers can be rewarding too. Every time a follower books based off your post, earn a cash booking commission.

Planning and Booking trips is no Holiday

But it should be.

We believe that you should have as much fun planning your vacation as when you’re on it.

Viahhey is designed in mind with the way you use the internet for travel already, so that planning and booking trips is not only stress-free but fun and intuitive.

Users want one site they can call their travel homepage, where they can do everything from start to finish and we are giving it to them.




For Influencers

For travel influencers with thousands of followers this means a way to not only monetize their travels but also quantify their impact.

It could mean the same for everyday users too, or just an extra hundred bucks to make their next flight that much cheaper.

For Hotels

A new marketing channel for hotels, a more direct and authentic way to connect and engage with their target customers and a way to quantify which travel influencers are the best fit for their brands.